Atlantic Suzuki

DF200A 4 Stroke Outboard Engine

DF200A – Lightweight Design–Heavyweight Power

Power and performance come at a cost, that being weight. So when it comes to selecting an outboard for your boat, the balance of power and weight becomes an important issue in making the right choice. Until now, powering your boat with a 147kW (200PS) class outboard meant V6 power. That has all changed with Suzuki’s DF200A.

With the DF200A, our goal was to build an outboard that provides all of the power and performance of a 147kW (200PS) class V6 outboard using a lighter, more compact four-cylinder configuration


Electronic Fuel Injection

Power Trim & Tilt


DOHC 16-Valve


L: 226kg


2,867cm3 (kW/r/min)

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